"Girston is a first class provider of on site mechanical engineering services, complimented by a comprehensive design-and-build capability ranging from mechanical components and fabricated equipment, to complete structural framework".

What ever your requirements, the diverse work experience amassed by our skilled engineers provides them with the practical abilities to undertake even the most demanding of tasks, together with a professional, technically-qualified management team, aspect of a project, from it's conception right through to the final handover.

This wealth of collective talent means that we can offer a flexible and comprehensive, customer sensitive services to a broad spectrum of industries. Moreover, Girston a traceability procedure, in recognition of the importance attached by our clients to the ISO 9002 standards. The fact that our core of high-calibre continuously expands, provides a true measure of the extreme value with which our workmanship is regarded.

Girston is built upon a reputation of the highest standards of quality and professionalism, and total commitment to customer service. we maintain a strong belief in investing both in the right people and in the future. This philosophy is reflected by the technical skills, competence and capabilities of our workforce; the utilisation of sophisticated CAD facilities; with an aptitude and flexibility to address all manner of technical demands. Moreover, we offer a broad spectrum of contracts: from those providing the means simply to relieve the workload from hard-pressed engineering staff; to the complete management and implementation of a project, each tailored to the unique needs of every client.

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